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Natural, safe and gentle chiropractic treatment for all ages

Why Our Patients Choose Us

At The Spinal Answer, we strive to provide excellent chiropractic care, incorporating nutrition and fitness advice to optimise your health.

Emily Mason

BSc (Hons) MSc (Chiro) DC LRCC
(Doctor of Chiropractic)

Emily Mason established a thriving chiropractic practice in Fulham in 2006, and in 2016 she opened her second practice in Four Marks, Hampshire.

Dr Emily Mason - The Spinal Answer Chiropractic in Four Marks Alton and London

We offer chiropractic for all ages, from new born babies to the elderly, and have a particular interest in treatment of pregnant women. We are well experienced at treating all types of musculoskeletal conditions including athletic and general sports and musculoskeletal injuries.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is concerned with the framework of bones and muscles that support the body (‘the musculoskeletal system’).

What do Chiropractors do?

We specialise in the detection, correction and prevention of muscle and joint problems, which may help relieve pain and improve an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Is Chiropractic for Me?

Chiropractic is drug-free and is safe, gentle treatment for all your family. It involves gentle, specific adjustments which we perform with our hands.

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